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"I was introduced to Cannon Consultants by a current employee of ours. We were about to embark on a huge hiring spree as we expanded our integration services to clients. The attention to detail that our recruiter from their firm gave us was phenomenal. Their screening process has been outstanding. They took the time to truly understand

our business and our requirements which helped significantly reduce our

time to hire ratio. At this

time we've hired 15 people through their firm in just a

4 month time frame."

Hiring Manager - Major Wall Street Integration Firm

"As a provider of Project Management professional services, I need to establish and build on business relationships that have the same level

of commitment and dedication to their clients and their mission critical initiatives as I do with the clients I personally support. Cannon Consultants is a great firm! They have been completely supportive in providing the direct hands on touch that allows me to operate at the highest level of professionalism so the client’s objectives are achieved time after time!"

Senior Project Manager – Top Asset Management Company serving the Midwest Region

"The recruiting staff at Cannon Consultants pays attention to our needs.

The listen first and present candidates next always focusing on my agenda not theirs. My primary contact at the firm is someone I have complete faith, trust and confidence in. She placed me at my firm and I've been hiring through her ever since. Other organizations I've used in the past only use objective identifiers to match skills with my job requirements whereas Cannon Consultants uses a unique combination of both objectivity and

a subjectivity offering me a more personal approach. They actually drill down by asking the tough questions that I wouldn't normally know to ask."

Director of Technology - East Coast Hedge Fund Firm

"I'm extremely pleased with how the firm helped me find the right candidate, a critical resource essential to our growth. They lived up to their tag line about 'building consumer relations'. I'm gratified that the time they took to get to know me and to understand my company's perspectives was valuable and well spent."

Principal Owner - Consulting Firmtle

"It's the recruiters and their underlying management team that make a

great firm. I have personally worked with one specific recruiter that is now employed with Cannon Consultants for many years. The relationship we have built has been one of trust and confidence. I view him as my partner in the staffing process no matter which firm I represent. He's had an uncanny ability to always find me the right resources (quickly). He never lets me go without fully understanding my needs."

Senior Technical Recruiter, Credit First

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